This Sriracha is no joke! We only use freshly harvested Ontario grown ghost peppers and it is one of the hottest peppers on the planet, just be aware!
All of our hot sauces goes through a minimal 8 week fermentation process. We lightly naturally smoked this sauce during the cooking process. This gives just a hint of Smokey flavor while preserving the heat. 
It is excellent with eggs, chili, wings, pizza, burritos and many other dishes. The heat is an intense long lasting one, that hits the back of your tongue, so buckle up because this hot sauce will bring you to the moon.
Heat Level: Extra Extra Hot
·Refrigerate After Opening

💗Handmade with Love
🌿Highest Quality Ingredients
🇨🇦Made in Canada
▪️All Natural
▪️Dairy Free
▪️Gluten Free
▪️Preservative Free
"Lunar Hot Sauce, it will bring you to the moon."🌕 

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