How can I contact you?

You can email us at info@lunarhotsauce.ca


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do. At checkout, you will be able to select from most countries that the Canada Post can deliver to.


Do you offer local delivery?

Yes, we do for locals. At final checkout step, a local delivery option will be available if your shipping address is in our delivery area with order over $30. 


How long will my online order take to arrive? 

On average, online orders are shipped out in 24-48hrs and the arriving time is depending on the destination and shipping class of your choice . Feel free to email us anytime at info@lunarhotsauce.ca with your order number for a status update.



Do you offer volume discounts for corporate gifting and special occasions?

Yes. Please email us at info@lunarhotsauce.ca for more details.


Do I have to refrigerate your hot sauce after opening?

It is safe to leave it at room temperature after opening but they will stay freshest and taste their best stored in the refrigerator after opening.


What is the shelf life of your hot sauce?

All our hot sauce have minimal 2 years shelf life.


What is the shelf life of your other sauce and seasonings?

All our dry seasoning have 2 years+ shelf life and cooking sauce have 6+ month shelf life depending on varieties. 



Are your products gluten-free?

Our products do not contain any gluten but are not certified gluten-free.


Are your hot sauce Vegan?



I am interested in purchasing your products wholesale, how can I get in touch with your sales team?

Please visit our Wholesale page and fill out the brief contact form and we will reach out to you ASAP 


Do you sell your products in larger sizes or in bulk for food service?

Yes. Please visit our Wholesale page and fill out the brief contact form and we will reach out to you ASAP.


What is your Return Policy?

We have an official policy on our Return Policy page. However, if you have any issue at all please do not hesitate to email us at info@lunarhotsauce.ca


What is your Terms and Service Policy?

Please visit our Terms and Service policy page. 


What is your Privacy Policy?

Please visit our Privacy Policy page.



Where can I buy your products locally?

Please visit our Where to Buy page to find the closest store to you. 



I’m interested in sharing your products on my website/blog/social media, how do I do that?

Please email us at info@lunarhotsauce.ca with a brief message about what you’d like to do, along with links to your blog/website and social pages if applicable and we will reach out to you ASAP.

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