Our Story

Making Hot Sauce, what does it mean to us? It means making quality hot sauce that never overpowers your food, but compliments it. It means always using locally sourced ingredients and Ontario grown hot peppers to support local businesses, and it means making sure each customer has the right flavor and heat level available to them so that they can enjoy what they are eating with the heat that they can handle.

We started on this path like many others before us, making hot sauce for our friends and family, until one day, after many “How do I invest”, “It’s SO good, you could make millions” and the classic “This is amazing, why haven't you guys started selling this!” we finally caved. We started selling locally and got so much positive feedback from it that we knew, we had something. We worked hard while creating truly unique flavors. As it stands now we are a fully functioning artisan business with an online store and our products are available in some local stores with plans to be in more.

Our local community and customers are what got us here, and we are confident that once you try our sauce, you’ll want us to stay. We hope you enjoy our sauces as much as we do.

Welcome to the Lunar Hot Sauce family.

Lunar Hot Sauce -“It will bring you to the moon!”

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