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Luka Phoenix

This is absolutely amazing and I put it on just about everything. I've been especially enjoying it with a breakfast hash lately. Definitely recommend picking this one up!

Thang Lai
Very good hot sauce

I love to sprinkle my food with hot sauce, so when I learned that a fellow Londoner has some award winning hot sauces, I decided to try them out. I ordered 3 flavors: MANGO & PINEAPPLES SMOKY SRIRACHA, BLACK GARLIC FERMENTED, and GHOST SMOKE SMOKY SRIRACHA. I can say that they all met my expectation of a good hot sauce. The Mango & Pineapples is sweet with a touch of sour, the Black Garlic enhances almost any food I put it on, and the Ghost Smoke will ascend your tongue to a level rarely experience. I can't have enough of them and will order again once the current run out.

Jeremy Richardson
Awesome Hot Sauce

I enjoy picking these sauces up at the Pinery Flea Market in Grand Bend, but I needed my fix while the market is closed for the season. I finished the Crazy Coconut in a week! It has become my new favourite hot sauce… and I like hot sauce. Just the right balance of sweetness and heat.
The Carmel Electra is also amazing. I love how they are fermented and have a full, rich, flavour.

Made in Ontario, Canada too!! 🇨🇦

Well done!

Rebecca Vandenbogaard

Best hot sauce there is!

pete pete willems
Local Beauty Hot Sauce!

Lunar Hot sauce is Fantastic!! Absolutely top quality stuff here, I mean, the heat is there, but the thing that sets them apart, is the beautifully different, natural flavors that stand out, easily making it one of the best choices when reaching for a hot sauce! The bar has been re-set with Lunar Hot Sauce, and it's been set very high, indeed!!

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